Josh Peacock’s Toothy Creepy Critter Tattoos


Working out of King St. Collective in Cambridge, England,  Josh Peacock describes himself as a tattoo artist and a doodler of silly things. These past six months, Josh has taken his silly doodles and combined them with artistic elements from graffiti and the new school style to create these unique pieces.

While these tattoos aren’t bloody or gory, and don’t feature any Fall or Halloween themes, they do give off a creepy vibe. Just imagine how terrifying it would be if animals, cartoon characters, and even inanimate objects suddenly grew human-like mouths and teeth. Thanks to Josh you don’t need to imagine it because he’s made all your nightmares comes true.

However, these aren’t just generic sets of teeth, as each is unique to the individual tattoo. There’s teeth with braces, missing or chipped teeth, or pointed and crooked teeth to really build upon one’s aversion to going to the dentist.

The stark contrast between the bold outlines of the brightly coloured critters, and the realistic style of the teeth is what make these tattoos exceptionally strange and unique to Josh Peacock.

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Watermelon chameleon

Zebra grazing on a plane

Shamu the killer whale

Parasite punk critter


Praying mantis



Audrey II from ‘Little Shop of Horrors’

Freehand T-Rex

Pink Bubblybee




Shark with braces

Baby Bender


Zombee getting high on beekeeper’s supply

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