James Artink’s Three Dimensional Tattoos


The Polish-based tattoo artist is rocking some mad skills at Rock’n’Roll Tattoo.

When viewing a tattoo by James Artink you’re drawn right into the piece. You’ll find yourself staring so intently that you forget about everything around you and that it’s literally ink on skin. If that’s not the sign of incredible tattooer, I don’t know what is.

As gory as the hand holding the bloody heart is, it’s such an incredible piece. The realistic blood dripping and just the thought that the heart belongs in someone’s body is enough to send shivers down your spine…or excite you, if you’re into that kind of thing.

It can be embarrassing to be caught staring at a stranger’s tattoos and it’s just as creepy when people do the same to you. Tattoodo is your safe-space, so stare to your hearts content, at these amazing three dimensional tattoos by James Artink.




Skeleton king


Woman and candle


Bly the doll

Skull and tiger head

Hand holding a rose

Hand holding a bloody heart


Originally published January 2017 for Tattoodo –

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