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Right now I’d sell my soul to be living anywhere with snow. I’m dealing with a severe lack of sleep lately due to the Summer heat which always sends me a bit loopy – well, loopier than usual if I’m being honest. I’ve been up late (or early, really) watching videos, when YouTube suggested that I re-watch Jenna Marbles’ Punk Edits In Real Life video.

Jenna and Julien aren’t new to tattoos; they both already have at least one tattoo. Jenna has her mum’s initials, and the cloud on Julien’s forearm was tattooed by Daniel Winter. But seeing them put on fake sleeves and applying temporary tattoos got me thinking: if Jenna and Julien were to get more tattoos, what would they be?

NOTE: If you go back and check out my past posts in this If — Got Tattooed series then you’ll know everything is meant in jest – in reality no one should be telling you what you should get tattooed on your own body. Disclaimer aside, let’s get into these ridiculous tattoo ideas.


Jenna and Julien would be terrible dog parents if they didn’t get tattoos of each of their fur babies.

There is only one pose suitable for a tattoo of Mr Marbles: the cute little head tilt is his Blue Steel.


You can find more chihuahua tattoos here.

Chihuahua tattoo by Salla Koppanen


Now onto the iggy’s. There’s currently a grand total of eight Italian greyhound tattoos tagged on Instagram. This could become a nice round number with Jenna getting a tattoo of Kermit and Julien one of Peach. In fact, this tattoo looks like a perfect blend of the two dogs: a girly outfit on a dog with Kermit’s colouring.

Italian Greyhound by @craiggardyan

Greyhound tattoos are more common, and you can find more of them here.

Greyhounds by Missy Rhysing


Personally, I think Kermit dressed as Harry Potter would make for an excellent tattoo.

A portrait of Peach’s sweet, smiling face is something you’d never tire of waking up and seeing.

Instagram: @iggy_peach

If you’re considering getting a tattoo of your pet dog, I have 20+ posts on various dog breeds, with many interesting and creative concepts executed in a range of styles.


We can’t forget about the newest member to the family, Adword Sponsorhands.

Yes, hamster tattoos are a thing – they’re just as worthy of a memorial piece as cats and dogs, no matter what you may think. And, due to their short lifespans, if you got a tattoo each time one dies, you’d have a hamster-themed body suit in no time! Too dark??

Hamster tattoo by @allday_jina

It’s well known that Jenna once had aspirations of becoming a make-up artist. While that never panned out, if any of Jenna’s past videos are anything to go by, she’s well on her way to becoming one of the most gifted and well-respected beauty gurus on YouTube. A make-up tattoo would really top things off, however Jenna would probably miss the appointment because, as we all know, she has a basketball game tomorrow! Here’s some inspiration, anyway.

Lipstick tattoo by Sydney Dyer

Cosmetics by Mimsy

Then there’s the matter of Julien’s love of The Office and Parks + Recreation which also reminds me that I’m yet to do posts on either of these shows – this will be rectified in the new year. Julien just about lost his mind over the Li’l Sebastian shirt Jenna bought him, so why not get it as tattoo and wear it everyday?

Tattoo by Jody Dawber

Why have one tattoo of a man wearing what can only be referred to as ‘pedo glasses’ when you can have two? One of Dwight and one of Jim dressed as Dwight. These two tattoos by Dave Wah would be perfect for Julien.

Dwight Schrute tattoo by Dave Wah

Jim dressed as Dwight tattoo by Dave Wah

I can’t judge because I’ve never seen it, but Stuck On You is one of Julien’s favourite movies. You know, that movie Cher is in? I couldn’t find any Stuck On You tattoos, so maybe Julien could be the first?

I could, however, find numerous images of Cher tattoos; unsurprising considering Cher’s an Oscar winner, has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and has had a career in music, television, and movies, spanning six decades.

If there’s one thing more shocking than Julien’s lack of Cher knowledge, it is just how few Cher tattoos exist (in comparison to other actors and musicians) and that they’re almost all terrible. I think it’s only right for Julien to celebrate the living legend that is Cher with a tattoo from a talented artist. Either of these photos as a portrait tattoo would put things right in the universe.

Image: Wikimedia

Image: InStyle

To make things a little interesting, Jenna could get a portrait of either Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts or Anne Hathaway, but never tell Julien which actress it actually is.

Which actress is which, Julien?

That’s a normal thing to do in a relationship, right? Jenna would carry the secret all the way to her deathbed. Whoops, things got a little too dark again.


Finally, to lighten the mood a little, this post wouldn’t be complete without mention of otter tattoos. Jenna and Julien are each others significant otter. When I saw this tattoo come up on my Instagram feed recently the first people I thought of were Jenna and Julien, and I was not alone; I noticed that a number of fans had tagged them in the comment section.

Otter couple by @amandatoy


Are (most of) these tattoo ideas totally ridiculous? Oh, hell yeah!

Is life too short to be serious all the time?


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