If ‘Impractical Joker’ Sal Vulcano Got Tattooed

Just five days into 2018 and we’ve already featured some perverted NSFW tattoos, and celebrated the evolution of the sucky panther. Today we’re offering tattoo ideas and advice to someone who hasn’t asked and likely will never read this. It’s time for another post in the If — Got Tattooed series. Who is the victim this time around? Two Impractical Jokers down and two more to go – it’s now Sal Vulcano’s turn.

Sal is not new to tattoos. Like Q, he already has a few tattoos, and along with Q and Murr, Sal received a tattoo thanks to Joe in the Permanent Punishment episode of their television show.



Two years later, tattoos were the topic up for discussion on Episode 72 of the What Say You? podcast. Sal mentioned that he is a fan of American traditional tattoos, like the ones made iconic by Sailor Jerry, Norman Collins. The classic features of this style of tattooing are bold, black outlines, with lots of black shading, and a limited colour palette. These tattoos stand the test of time, and being that Sal actually wants these tattoos, this style is the ideal choice.


Sailor Jerry tattoo flash. Source

These days you’ll see people with full sleeves, and front and back pieces in various styles, like neo traditional, new school or realism. Back in the 80s and 90s, for those heavily tattooed, either Japanese or traditional tattoos were most common – they’re still a popular choice, to this day.

Statue of Liberty traditional back piece by Guy Verderosa

Tall ship traditional back piece by Tom McMillan

I’ve decided to do something a little different to past posts in this series. As you scroll, you’ll see ideas of tattoos Sal would and wouldn’t get, along with recommendations of talented tattooers in New York City. Sal also mentioned on his podcast that he’s interested in getting a tattoo sleeve – this will require quite a few tattoos, so I’ve selected 20 suitable images. Now, let’s move onto the tattoos…

Tom McMillan

Josh Barg

Oliver Peck

Josh Barg

Oliver Peck

Nelson Dinsdale Young

Augusto Rodriguez

Nelson Dinsdale Young



Kings Avenue Tattoo

Chris Fernandez

Becca Genné-Bacon

Clark Seiger


Sal’s punishments on Impractical Jokers have shown us what he fears most. Two things Sal definitely won’t be getting tattooed on his body are cats and haunted houses.

If these aren’t fears of yours, click on the images below to view some inspiration for your own future tattoos.