If ‘Impractical Joker’ Joe Gatto Got Tattooed

This is the result of having not slept much this past couple of weeks; I get delirious and imagine what kind of weird things people and fictional characters would get inked on their bodies if they were into tattoos. It’s rather silly, but I thought I’d share them online anyway, and hopefully it will bring a little humour to your day.

So, who’s first in the tattoo chair? None other than Joe Gatto from TruTV’s Impractical Jokers.


After he punished the other three with tattoos back in season three, Joe remains the only joker without any ink. But that’s (hypothetically) about to change.

If you’re a fan on the show then you know that Joe is a man that loves his food – hell, he’s even been covered in powdered sugar and forced to walk down New Orleans’ iconic Bourbon Street as a ‘human beignet’. I imagine that if Joe got tattooed, he would get a sleeve of food tattoos.



Food tattoos are gaining in popularity as people put more thought into their tattoo choices, selecting imagery of things they love, things they’re inspired by, or things that best express their personality. Most people may have only one or two food-related pieces, but there are people with sleeves made up entirely of food, but mainly fruits and vegetables.


Vegetable sleeve (Artist Unknown)

Fruit sleeve (Artist Unknown)

Fruit and vegetable sleeve by Benji Harris


You can find food tattoos in every style you can think of – realism, blackwork, new school, traditional, or neo traditional. I could see Joe with a sleeve of new school and neo traditional styled tattoos. With their bold lines and vibrant colour palettes, the tattoos in these styles can be wacky and out there  – very much like Joe’s personality on Impractical Jokers.


Sandwich tattoo by @dangytattoo

Croissant tattoo by @foehtattoo

Chocolate croissant tattoo by @tattoosbyconnie

Dessert tattoos by Lauren Fenlon

Cake tattoo by Benjamin Laukis

Cannoli tattoo by Billy Weigler

Choc chip cookie tattoo by @kwellstattoo

Oreo tattoo by @tom_petucco

Hot dog and waffle tattoo by Morten Overie

Pancake stack tattoo by Sean Campbell

Donut tattoo by Sean Gardner

Baked cheesecake tattoo by @amzkelso

Cupcake tattoo by Sean Gardner

Lemon meringue pie tattoo by Betsy Butler


Hungry for more? Check out some glorious food tattoos here.


Tattoo by Deidge Dunham


For Joe, when it comes to choosing between food and family it’s probably a close tie for the two. And, keeping with the crazy theme for the sleeve and his funny personality, Joe could get his family tattooed as food rather than a realistic portrait.


Food family tattoo by Ashley Lehman


If you didn’t find this post silly enough, Sal, Q and Murr’s punishment tattoos might do the trick.




 Which celebrity, sportsperson, or fictional character would you like me to plan tattoos for next?