I See Red! I See Red! I See Red! Tattoos By Uve


If you’re a tattooed person then you’re probably familiar with the various styles of tattooing: realism, traditional, and blackwork, for example. But tattooing doesn’t end just there –¬† tattooers are pushing the boundaries, taking the technical application of tattooing and blending it with their artistic vision. Uve from Ondo Tattoo in Barcelona, Spain has created his own unique pieces that will leave you seeing red.

Uve’s work is pure simplicity with a bold and graphic appearance. The linework adds shape, and just a touch of black shading adds dimension to the tattoos. You’ll find¬†inanimate objects, pop culture (Rick + Morty, Bojack Horseman etc) on Uve’s Instagram page, along with some non-red tattoos still in his signature style.

The only way to view these tattoos is by pressing play on the clip below, and then get scrolling.



Rick Sanchez

Morty Junior

Bojack Horseman

Devil Flanders

Nokia phone


I could have included so many more tattoos here, but I selected just a few of my favourites. As with any tattoo-related post on my website, I encourage you to follow Uve (or any artist featured) on Instagram to see more incredible work.


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