Hilarious Purple Pencil Sketches of Huka Lewis


What this tattoo artist does between clients is definitely NSFW!

Huka Lewis is a tattoo artist at Timeless Tattoo in Los Angeles. While her tattoos are incredible, I just had to share her hilarious sketches with you all.

In-between clients, Huka fills her time by letting her imagination run wild and sketching out whatever crazy things come to mind. They range from odd animal hybrids, adding personality to inanimate objects, and some things so strange that no words can describe them.

From things that are pun-ny to the downright wacky, these sketches by Huka Lewis are sure to illicit raucous laughter.


Cute octopussy.

This egret gives zero f***s.

Hypocrite or hippocrate? We’re not one to judge.

Elephant-mouse animal hybrid.

This is what people mean when they say ‘eat a dick’.

You might never want to eat banana cream pie ever again.

This rhino-rooster is rocking out with his c**k out.

Sexier than most

Whale-bird and elephant-dolphin animal hybrids.

The hidden truth behind your almond milk.

Not so thirsty anymore…


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