He’s Your Friend ‘Til The End – 8 Of The Best Chucky Tattoos


Charles Lee Ray – The Lakeshore Strangler, or as he’s known to you and me: Chucky.
He’s the reason for my irrational fear as a child that my stuffed toys would suddenly come to life at night and try to kill me. Despite this, I still love the Child’s Play/Chucky movies all the same.


A few months back I compiled a collection of Chucky tattoos for Tattoodo but, after watching Child’s Play 1 and 2 recently, I went back online to search for some more. Sometimes I don’t know what’s scarier: Chucky or the thousands of terrible Chucky tattoos online. Nonetheless, here are a further eight of the best Chucky tattoos.



Black and grey Chucky portrait by Timo Tattoo.



Colour realism Chucky tattoo by Joe K. Worrall.



Heath Ledger’s Joker and Chucky tattoos by Rodney Eckenberger.



Michel Meier’s incredibly detailed Chucky tattoo.



Child’s Play movie poster in all its black and grey tattoo glory. By Ernesto Vega.



Traditional style tattoo rendering of the Child’s Play 2 movie poster. By Jake Thorsell.



Chuck meets punk. Tattoo by Todd Bailey.



Chucky kewpie doll tattoo by Gary Stanley.



And remember: “Don’t fuck with the Chuck!”



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