Here Kitty! Traditional Cat Tattoos by Chris Jenko


This one’s for all the crazy cat people.

As a future crazy cat lady, Chris Jenko is giving me all kinds of warm and fuzzy feelings with his cat tattoos.

At the Ultimate Skin Tattoo Shop in Leeds, UK, Jenko’s work is heavily rooted in the bold lines and colors of the traditional style of tattooing. With all the different (and quite recognizable) dog breeds, dogs are an animal which you’ll see plenty of when perusing animal tattoos online, but today it’s all about the cat tattoos of Chris Jenko.

Be inspired by Jenko’s tattoos and consider memorializing your furry feline friend in your next piece…


Pizza cat

Chubby kitty

Bandanna-clad cat

Cat and rose

Cat in a tea cup

Ginger cat

Pickle the cat

Black cat and heart


Originally published September 2016 for Tattoodo –