Have Your Cake And Eat It Too


Did you hear? It is possible to have your cake and eat it too. Get yourself a (birthday) cake tattoo and, once that’s done, go and enjoy a big slice of cake.

While I’m not a fan of birthdays, I am a fan of food and food tattoos, and with my birthday this week, I was inspired to scope out some of the sweetest and most colourful cake tattoos on the interwebs.

Prepare yourselves for a sugar rush…


27th birthday cake tattoo by Chae Dinsmore

Make a wish and blow out the candle! Tattoo by Sharky Jones

Colourful slice of birthday cake by Alayna Magnan

Animated birthday cake tattoo by Julie Bolene

Anyone else remember these doll birthday cakes? Tattoo by Mimsy

Rainbow cake tattoo by Nat G

Piece of cake tattoo by Sam Whitehead

Magical mermaid cake by Laura Anunnaki

Ice cream cake tattoo inspired by the real thing. Tattoo by Kyle Frary

Cute gingerbread and cake tattoo by Ashleigh P Farr

Rainbow cake tattoo by Samantha Pixie Robson

Cake and baking tools by Sarah Sheet

Neo traditional cake tattoo by Jody Dawber

Slice of cake with chocolate icing. Tattoo by Chelsea Jane

Abstract watercolour cake tattoo by Daniel Gilson

Sweet neo trad cake tattoo by Hanah Elizabeth

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