Have A Slice Of Pie And A Tattoo Too


Apple, pumpkin, lemon meringue, pecan – which is your favourite kind of pie?

If Thanksgiving and pumpkin pie aren’t your thing, never fear, because I’ve got you covered with this delicious selection of pie tattoos. There’s ten tattoos to represent the ten pie holidays celebrated in the US each year.

And, while not every type of pie is featured here, maybe if you get a tattoo of your favourite kind of pie you could see it here some time in the future. Until then, sweeten up your day with some pie tattoos – you’ll be drooling in no time.


Cherry pie a la mode rubber ducky tattoo by Steven Compton.

A slice of pie by Susannah Griggs.

Apple pie tattoo by Mark Richards.

Raspberry pie by Meri.

Blueberry pie tattoo by Ashley Horncastle.

Black and grey pie tattoo by Dan Bythewood

Key lime pie by Jennifer Trok.

Killer pumpkin pie tattoo by Destroy Troy.

Lemon meringue pie tattoo by Betsy Butler.

Blackwork pie palm tattoo by Matt Harris.


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