Halloween 2017 Tattoo Round-Up


It’s sad to say but Halloween is over. Did you get to celebrate? Who or what did you dress up as?

I didn’t do anything exciting as Halloween isn’t such a big thing here in Australia, and because I have no life (this is the main reason, obviously). I did, however, have a fun time putting together over 20 spooky-themed posts during the month of October.

In case you missed out on all this tattoo fun, I have compiled all of those posts – plus a few from throughout this past year – in one place for you to take a look, if you so please. Simply click on the post title to see more.

Until next year…



All About Death: Traditional Tattoos by Angelo Parente


Like A Bat (Or 20) Out Of Hell


Sick Skull Tattoos By Benjamin Laukis


20 Tattoos For Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s 20th Anniversary


Creepy Color Realism Tattoos By Bumer


13 Sweet Candy Corn Tattoos


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Halloween Costume + Candy Tattoos


Disturbing Black and Grey Realism Tattoos by Edgar Ivanov


Nightmare-Inducing Freddy Krueger Tattoos


13 Horrifying Friday the 13th Tattoos


31 Ghoulish Ghost Tattoos


Cute + Creepy Gremlins Tattoos


31 Ooky + Spooky Haunted House Tattoos


The Insane Black & Grey Realism Tattoos of Insamnia


Sweet & Scary Realism Tattoos by Javier Antunez


Josh Peacock’s Toothy Creepy Critter Tattoos


Jump Into A Pile Of Autumn Leaf Tattoos!


Dark & Disturbing Blackwork Tattoos by Lauren Melina


10 Haunting Michael Myers Tattoos


It’s Not Really Halloween Without Some More Michael Myers Tattoos


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