Get Into The Spirit For World Gin Day!

It’s time to put a spin on the classic g+t. No longer does it stand for gin and tonic – it now means gin and tattoo.

The second Saturday in June is designated World Gin Day and we’re celebrating with these classy gin tattoos and some fun gin facts and trivia.

Just make sure you enjoy the two in the opposite order: tattoo first, then gin later.

In the past, British naval officers would receive a daily ration of gin.


Another of life’s lies: the juniper berry (gin’s predominant flavour) is actually a highly evolved pinecone.


James Bond’s creator, Ian Fleming invented the Vesper, a gin-based cocktail.


Some say alcohol is liquid courage, but gin is liquid ginspiration.


Early Australian settlers used gold dust as a form of payment for gin to be imported.


When your love of gin + tonic runs skin deep.


London Dry Gin isn’t necessarily distilled in London. Is anything real anymore?


Too much gin (is there such a thing?) and you could be seeing strange things like this in your dreams.


“Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine” – Rick (Humphrey Bogart), ‘Casablanca’


Gin is the base of more cocktails than any other spirit.


Remember: “Don’t drink to feel better. Drink to feel even better” – Lisa Jorgenson (Reese Witherspoon), ‘How Do You Know’


Originally published June 10, 2017 –