Fun New School Tattoos by Lindsay Baker

It’s Saturday night so let’s have some fun with a selection of the cutest and silliest pieces from Lindsay Baker the Tattoo Maker!



No matter the style, themed animals tattoos are my jam, and Lindsay’s sure don’t disappoint. Animals dressed like people and acting just like us is perfect for new school tattooing; the over-exaggerated features add to the humour of it all.

Lindsay also produces portraits of characters and real people, with her own spin, of course. I also picked out a couple of really silly Rick & Morty inspired pieces – NiteOwl Tattoo (where Lindsay works) in Northampton, Massachusetts even had a Rick & Morty tattoo day last year.

However (back to the animals again) it’s what Lindsay refers to as “animal balls” that have really caught my eye. Round and chubby little animal tattoos might just be my new favourite thing.

Scroll through Lindsay’s tattoos below and let me know which one you like best.



This person most certainly does love Lucy

Do or do not… More Star Wars tattoos here.

Rock ‘n’ Roll pooch

Snail mail

Even dinosaurs need their guacamole fix

This is one distinguished dog

Imagine if Michael Jordan were a gecko… Well, imagine no more!

Ants in my Eyes Johnson

A Plumbus


Mr. Softee staring deep into your soul – he might not like what he sees

Thieving raccoon

Hawaiian hammerhead shark partying hard

Security guard dog

I do!

Porcupine puffer fish animal ball

Stegosaurus animal ball

Pig animal ball

Rabbit animal ball


You can follow Lindsay on Instagram @lindsaybugbaker