Forget The Melbourne Cup – Check Out These 30 Horse Tattoos


Tomorrow, the first Tuesday in November, is the Melbourne Cup: “the race that stops a nation.”

Let’s just get this out of the way right now: horse racing is not a sport – it’s animal exploitation. These beautiful creatures are used and abused until they’re no longer profitable.

There’s currently well over 35,000 images of horse tattoos on Instagram alone. Does that sound like a lot? Well, in comparison, Animals Australia state that almost that same number of horses will be getting trained or will race each year in Australia. Even more shocking, some 18,000 horses may die or be slaughtered each year in Australia alone. Multiply these numbers by all the countries that participate in the abuse of horses and the amount will sicken you.

Horses are no different to beloved family pets, like cats and dogs; they deserve to live long and happy lives.

If you love horses so much, don’t bet on them and boycott the Melbourne Cup (and all horse racing). There are other ways to express your love for horses, like a tattoo. The pain of getting a (horse) tattoo is nothing compared to what race horses experience on a daily basis – something to put into perspective.

Kaitlin Greenwood

Ebony Mellowship

Aga Yadou

Nick Rutherford

Travis Costello

Karl Marks








Emily Rose Murray

Kat Abdy

Arlo DiCristina

Kel Tait








Kel Tait

And, if you ever feel the urge to ride a horse, make it a carousel or hobby horse instead.

Sami Locke


Abbie Williams

Rebecca Bertelwick

If you continue supporting the horse racing industry then don’t be surprised when the zombie horses come for you…

Alex Harris


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