Flower Power! Floral Tattoo Inspiration


Roses and chrysanthemums might be the popular and traditional flower choice in tattooing, but people are branching out in the botanical world for some natural, beautiful tattoo inspiration.

You may be inspired by the favourite flower of a loved one, or perhaps there’s a national or state flower from where you grew up. If you can’t pick just one flower to get tattooed, then consider a flower bouquet or even a full floral sleeve.

And, don’t be afraid of colour or of black and grey – the natural beauty of flowers, no matter the species, will be on full display no matter your choice of tattoo style or the amount of colour or lack thereof!

Keep scrolling to discover some flower power tattoo inspiration. Simply click on the link once you’ve found the perfect flower!


Fascinating Frangipani Tattoos

The fascinating symbolism of the frangipani (plumeria) plant.




11 Sweet Sunflower Tattoos

Brighten your day with these sunflower tattoos.



10 Dashing Daffodil Tattoos

Daffodil tattoos that will make you want to blow your own trumpet.


11 Dainty Daisy Tattoos

Hark back to days of making daisy chains with these dainty daisy tattoos.


10 Tasteful Tiger Lily Tattoos
Tiger lilies that are in bloom all year-round.




11 Marvelous Magnolia Tattoos
Forget roses, magnolias make for some stunning tattoos.




10 Beautiful Bird of Paradise Flower Tattoos
The beauty of birds-of-paradise in flower form.




10 Divine Dahlia Tattoos

Flowers within a flower give dahlia’s extra flower power!



Ravishing Rhododendron Tattoos
Rhododendron’s aren’t a flower you think of when discussing flower tattoos, but they’re actually more popular than you think.




[STAFF PICK] 12 Beautiful Black & Grey Bouquet Tattoos
Floral pieces that still look beautiful and feminine in black and grey.




13 Colorful and Everlasting Bouquet Tattoos
Flower bouquet tattoos that will never die.




11 Vibrant Hibiscus Tattoos
A beautiful flower steeped in cultural significance makes for some awesome hibiscus tattoos.




13 Colorful Chrysanthemum Tattoos
The rise of the chrysanthemum flower in tattooing.



10 Vivacious Violet Tattoos
Purple perfection and flower power join forces to deliver some stunning violet flower tattoos.




11 Tantalizing Tulip Tattoos
When you give a tattoo free artistic reign with a tulip tattoo beautiful things can happen.




13 Romantic Freesia Tattoos
Originally native to the eastern side of southern Africa, the freesia is another flower gaining popularity in the tattooing scene.




Classy Columbine Flower Tattoos
A flower to remind us all of the natural beauty in the world.




12 Eye-­Catching Iris Flower Tattoos
You won’t be able to avert your gaze from these beautiful tattoo tributes to the iris flower.




10 Splendid Jasmine Flower Tattoos
You don’t need to move to the tropics to enjoy jasmine flowers – get a tattoo instead!


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