Delightful Disney Tattoos by Troy Slack



The artist from Frontyard Tattoo in South Australia is reigniting your Disney memories with these sweet tattoos.

If you follow him on Instagram you’ve surely seen Troy’s superhero pieces, but now we’re entering the magical land of Disney. When I was a kid, I had a huge collection of Disney books. And, even to this day, I’ve only read, but never watched many of the Disney classics. Troy Slack’s tattoos instantly remind me of my childhood, pouring over those books, learning how to read and taking in every little detail of the images on the pages before me.

Disney means so much to a lot of us and these pieces are a reflection of how we’re all still kids at heart. There’s some of the newer Disney/Pixar movies featured, but also the classic characters we all know and love.

Take a break and fall in love with Disney all over again, all thanks to Troy Slack.


Disney-themed sleeve

Ariel + Prince Eric


Beauty + The Beast

Ariel + Flounder

101 Dalmatians

Mickey + Minnie Mouse

Disney Villains







Alice In Wonderland



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