Davo Voodoo: Third Eye Tattoo’s Resident All-Rounder


Take any design idea to Davo Voodoo and he’ll knock it out of the park!

Davo Voodoo does just about every tattoo style at Third Eye Tattoo in Melbourne, Australia.

Being the resident all-rounder, Voodoo’s portfolio features tattoos ranging from Japanese, realism, neo traditional and black and grey. He creates mostly large scale pieces, from half to full sleeves, with the occasional smaller, one-shot piece.

Check out Davo Voodoo’s work below and be impressed by his versatility.


Wolf and ninja stars

Ram and roses




Tiger samurai


Menelaus from Greek Mythology

Monmon kitsune

Spyhnx pet portrait



Originally posted August 2016 for Tattoodo –

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