Daria Tattoos To Distract Us From Our Sick, Sad World


I recently dusted off my Daria DVD collection and started re-watching the series from episode 1. So many feelings and memories came rushing back to me.

I grew up watching Daria on ABC in Australia. When I couldn’t relate to characters in other shows, there was always Daria. Much of her character, the scenarios she found herself faced with and the people she was forced to interact with, still resonates with today.

Daria’s cynical, dark humoured, misunderstood, a social outcast, and happily left to own devices. As much as I relate to Daria, I know that if she were real she wouldn’t want to be friends with me either – but that’s just Daria being Daria.

My sentiments are shared the world over, with Daria tattoos flooding social media in recent years. Daria’s sister, Quinn and the other members of the Fashion Club would be none too pleased about the popularity of Daria tattoos. While they seethed, complained and plotted, Daria would just be sitting in her bedroom, reading a book with that shit-eating smirk on her face.

Here are a selection of some of my personal favourite Daria tattoos.


Alex Strangler

Alex Strangler

Michela Bottin

Amelia @amzkelso

Even at the happiest place on Earth (Disney World), Daria is miserable. Tattoo by Keely Rutherford

Nicole Willingham

Katherine @mikura_tattoo

Cathy Sue

Cassie Lynn O’Neal

Myles Vear

Daria as Wednesday Addams by Rachel Baldwin

Daria goes to Disneyland by Alex Strangler

Miss Quartz

Nat G

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