Cute & Girly Traditional Tattoos by Brooklyn Seawright


One-shot tattoos that will add an adorable edge to your collection.

Brisbane-based tattoo artist, Brooklyn Seawright creates cute and girly tattoos with a touch of humor.

These tattoos are a perfect example of getting whatever the hell you want tattooed on your body. There’s no inherently obvious meaning behind these tattoos, and that’s okay. If you love all kinds of flowers, fruits, animals and gems, then go ahead and decorate your body as you please.

Seawright’s tattoos have all the traditional tattoo elements, but the chosen imagery and color palette appeal to a different section of tattoo collectors. Add a touch of pink and even a prickly cactus can look cute.


Diamond heart

Pokemon and cry baby candy hearts


Bleeding glass hearts


Lisa Simpson – Lizard Queen

Kitty enjoying watermelon

Chubby pug

Avocado love

Watermelon popsicle


Gem heart and rose


Originally published August 2016 for Tattoodo –

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