Cry Baby Tattoos That Will Bring A Tear To Your Eye


The term cry baby may bring about different images to your mind. Originally, I searched for cry baby tattoos, looking for the traditional tattoo flash imagery, but what I found is that the term extends to both movies and music, and even (deceased) pets. In 1990, Johnny Depp starred in the film Cry Baby Рwritten and directed by John Waters. Additionally, Melanie Martinez released a song titled Cry Baby, which came from the album of the same name. The record just recently celebrated its two year anniversary.

But, ultimately, it all circles back to the negative connotation that it’s wrong for people to be in tune with their emotions. Take pride in your empathetic and compassionate nature and celebrate it with a tattoo.¬†There’s a range of cry baby themed tattoos for you to find inspiration in. Get the tissues ready and start scrolling…


Veronique Imbo

Megon Shoreclay





















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