Color Realism Tattoos by Sean Sweeney


Portraits with an old-school movie poster feel.

Sean Sweeney is the owner and tattoo artist at American Tattoo Art in Virginia. Sweeney does the occasional black and grey tattoo, but his portfolio is made up primarily of color realism tattoos. His work features mainly movie characters, creatures, and family portraits – all of which are quite commonly requested by clients.

His style reminds me of the artwork on old-school movie posters, with a smooth, painterly realism feel. The tattoos bring on feelings of nostalgia, especially with the recreations of movie characters. Be whisked away to the past with these portrait tattoos by Sean Sweeney.


Laura Palmer from ‘Twin Peaks’

Jason Voorhees’ hockey mask

Zombie creature

Colour portrait

Barbara from ‘Beetlejuice’

Stan Lee


Originally published July 2016 for Tattoodo –