Classy Columbine Flower Tattoos


A flower to remind us all of the natural beauty in the world.

Perhaps it’s just me, but hearing the name columbine always stirs up thoughts of sadness and despair from past events in history. The columbine flower, however, is a reminder of how the natural beauty in the world can still bring a smile to our faces. The columbine flower is also known as granny’s bonnet, and is found throughout the Northern Hemisphere.

If you’re considering getting a columbine flower tattoo, you’ve got several colors to choose from – the petals of various species range in colors from rich burgundy, to shades of purple or blue, and just pure white. Or consider getting it in black and grey to focus your appreciation on the flowers form.

Admire the beauty of these columbine flower tattoos and gain some ideas for your next floral piece!


Chris Gemmell

Steph Hesketh

Nate Espinoza

Patrick Sans

Phil Crespo

Emilie Robinson

Craig Killing

Kody Chapman

Reeves Tattooer

Ryan Willard

Lydia Hazelton

Nancy Tattooer


Originally published July 2016 for Tattoodo –