Celebrate Your February Birthday With An Amethyst Tattoo


Do you, like me, celebrate a birthday in February? You might be an Aquarius or a Pisces, but for all of us, our birthstone is the amethyst – a purple variety of quartz.

In ancient times, amethysts were thought to protect people from drunkenness. This may not be proven, but if you’re planning on getting a tattoo (amethyst or not), it’s best not to be drunk at the time.

Add a little sparkle and a dash of purple to your collection with an amethyst tattoo.


Amethyst lavender tattoo by Tim Austin

Amethyst gem tattoo by Charlotte Timmons

Three eyed wolf and amethyst tattoo by Torie Wartooth

Amethyst Greek Goddess by Torie Wartooth

Amethyst gems by @sonjakaski

Lemon, lavender and amethyst tattoo by Moorea Hum

Sparkly amethyst tattoo by Linnea Pecsenye

Amethyst fish tattoo by Breah Beshore

Flowery amethyst tattoo by Stephanie Houldsworth

Amethyst and lotus by Audrey Bauer

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