Cattoos By Cattooer Iris Lys

If there’s one thing I lose my shit over more than cat videos it is cat tattoos. It’s no wonder that Iris Lys has become a new favourite tattooer of mine.

Working out of La Main Bleue in Belgium and with 13 years of tattooing experience, Iris Lys has amassed a following of almost 50,000 people on Instagram. Iris is a self-proclaimed ‘cattooer’ which is no joke. Her claim rings true with at least 90% of the tattoos she produces having some sort of cat theme. People who love both cats and tatts are travelling from around the world to get their very own cattoo from Iris.

While I’ve done a few cat themed posts on the blog, I believe the first appearance of one of Iris Lys’ tattoos is in my Top 20 Tattoos With Tattoos post, where I featured a piece depicting a cat giving it’s tattooed owner a good butt massage.

Generally when an artist focuses on a certain theme, over time their designs become repetitive, but that’s not the case with Iris’ work. Each piece is unique from the last – clearly the artist and clients bounce ideas of one another to create such individual tattoos.

All the tattoos are in the traditional style and so unbelievably creative. The heart shapes, the playfulness, the capturing of a cat’s characteristics, and the representation of interactions between humans and felines is really a celebration of our love of cats.

If you look deeper into some of Iris’ tattoos you’ll find that cats are used as a euphemism for a woman’s anatomy;  displaying inspiring and empowering messages.

For today’s tattoo post I picked my 25 favourite Iris Lys tattoos, and was that a difficult task. You really should give her a follow on Instagram to get your daily cattoo fix: @iris_lys

Enough reading, you need to check out Iris Lys’ work right meow!




Cat shadow puppet

Cat lady

Kitty leg rubs

Cat skull

Cats not kids – I’m definitely on board with this message!

Cat play time

It’s true – cat’s are a woman’s best friend

Cat in a tattooed lap

Cat repping the Sucky Panther

Kitty Yoda

Fight your demons

Fuck fake friends

A new take on the hang in there message

Kitty panties

Kitty head rubs

Pussy cat

Rock of Kittens

These cats see no, hear no, and speak no evil

Spider cat

Too sexy for my fur

No truer love than that between a human and their cat

We can meow it!

What are they feeding you?


Remember, if you love Iris Lys work, nothing compares to the real thing. Don’t be like these people and don’t be like these tattooers who think it’s acceptable to copy her work.


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