Cats vs. Dogs: Tattoo Showdown


I’ve pitted cats against dogs once before, but this time I’ve upped the ante. The first time around the post featured only the work of Clare Clarity. This time there’s 50 tattoos of cats and dogs, in a variety of styles, from artists from all around the world.

Some say those with tattoos must be crazy, and it looks as though all the crazy cat ladies (and gents) out there might be proving them right. At the time of posting there is close to 190,000 #cattattoo images on Instagram with a a further 12,000+ under the #cattattoos hashtag. In comparison, there’s only 90,000 tagged #dogtattoo, with an additional 6500 #dogtattoos images. However, it should be noted that if you search for specific dog breeds, you will find several thousand more images.

Rather than simply linking back to past content, I’ve searched through thousands of images (not all 300,000-plus on Instagram), but a decent amount to find for you these cat and dog tattoos.

And, if you’re still left wanting more, I’ve done a frisky feline post (plus, I have an upcoming black cat appreciation post for the next Friday the 13th), and there’s several dog posts on the blog for those of you looking for tattoos of certain dog breeds – click here for more.

Now, get to scrolling…


Pilot dog by Clare Clarity

Tye Harris











Golden Retriever by Kyle Cotterman

Dog and Autumn leaves half sleeve by Alex Noir

Dog tattoo by Alex Harris

Colour realism dog portrait by Luka Lajoie

Furry Pomeranian by Jody Dawber

Black and grey chihuahua by Jamie Mahood

New school dog by Henri Middlemass

Neo trad collie by Lille Hilde


Pomeranian pup in a heart by @tattoosbyjaclyn

German Shepherd tattoo by Antonio Venturetti

Rottweiler portrait by Chris Smith

Colourful fineline Pomeranian tattoo by Katie Shocrylas





Hippie kitty by Kim Saigh

Witchy kitty in a cauldron by Alex Rowntree

Cats in hats by Emily Rose Murray

Cat and rose by Josh Barg

Cat fish by Ly Aleister






Sophie Cest la Vie

Cat half sleeve by Pepa Heller

Tiffer Wright

Sphynx cat by Todd Bailey


Watercolour cat tattoo by Florencia Gonzalez Tizon

Cat and mouse by Tim Tavaria

Cat memorial piece by Megon Shoreclay

Clare Clarity

Monmon cat back piece by Horitomo

Black and white cat by Crispy Lennox

Cat portrait by Riccardo Bottino

Elizabeth Markov



Which animal is your favourite? Which of these tattoos do you love? Leave your comments below.