Caroline Derwent’s Heart Tattoos Are Full Of Love


She puts all her heart into the craft of creating heart tattoos.

If you’re all about everything cute, hearts and pastel color shades, then these pieces by Caroline Derwent are exactly what you’re looking for in a girly tattoo.

Derwent’s work could be described as traditional, with her pieces featuring bold black outlines. The imagery is so far removed from what you know and recognize as traditional tattoo flash, though.

Her truly feminine traditional tattoos show just how much the tattoo industry has changed and how great it is that there’s a tattoo style and perfectly suited tattoo artists out there for all of us.

Show some love for Caroline Derwent and check out her work below.


Gem heart

Heart and anchor

Rose and decorative heart

Bejeweled heart

Heart and fan

Heart and bow

Heart and kitty portrait

Heart and flowers

Heart and dagger

Heart-shaped clock

Heart and dog portrait

Heart locket cover up


Originally published November 2016 for Tattoodo –

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