Brilliant Black & Grey Realism Tattoos By Ben Thomas


Rich black and smooth greys add a touch of drama to the tattoos of Ben Thomas.

When you see the quality of Ben Thomas’s work it’s no surprise that he works at The Black Mark Tattoo Studio. Home to some of Melbourne’s (and Australia’s) best tattoo artist, Ben pumps out brilliant black and grey realism tattoos.

The rich blacks and smooth greys give definition and detail to Ben’s tattoos, taking them to the next level. From animals, to portraits and skulls, black and grey gives them a more dramatic feel and old-school charm.

If you’re all about all things black and grey then you’ll appreciate Ben Thomas’s tattoos.


Eazy E and Biggie


Roaring lion


Skeleton and top hat

Hank Williams

Muhammed Ali

David Bowie

Travis Barker


Benjamin Franklin

Wolf and skull

Bandana clad skull


Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.

Tony Montana

Albert Einstein


Skull and Foo Dog

Fox out on the prowl






Originally published June 2016 for Tattoodo –