Black & Grey Owl and Skull Tattoos by Alexis Vaatete


All eyes on these spooky and surrealist black and grey tattoos!

Alexis Vaatete works at Vatican studios in Forest Lake, California. Owls, skulls and skeletons are a common theme in his tattoo art.

Whilst owls are seen as symbol of wisdom, they’re creatures of the night when all things eerie take place which makes them a perfect pairing for the chilling imagery of a skull. Tattooed in black and grey adds only to the spooky vibes of Vaatete’s pieces.

The surrealist elements of third eyes and all seeing eyes elevates these tattoos from simple owls and skulls to something far more sinister. The owls with their extra third eye and even the skulls without eyeballs still leave you with the feeling that you’re being watched.



Originally published August 2016 for Tattoodo –

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