Unlucky Black Cat Tattoos For Friday The 13th


With Friday the 13th falling in the same month as Halloween, I’m going to bring you some spooky and Halloween related posts for the rest of October. First up is black cats.

There are 22 breeds of cats that can have pure black coats, as one of several possible colourings. So, why is it that we’re taught to be fearful of one particular colour of fur?

Black cats are more likely to be male and most generally have yellow eyes. I won’t lie, if I were walking the streets at night and all I could see were a pair of glowing yellow eyes in the distance, I would be a little scared. However,¬†this unnatural aversion to black cats runs deeper.

Despite black cats being considered good luck in Britain (they’re mentioned in Scottish folklore and Celtic mythology) and Japan, most of the Western world sees them as bringers of bad luck.

The Pilgrims brought their staunch Bible beliefs and suspicions of black cats with them to the US. They deemed the animals associates of Satan and considered their human companions witches – and we all know how that ended for those people.

One strange thing I discovered from my research is that, at a time, women who owned black cats were believed to have many suitors. (I need to get myself a black cat!)

Due to this stigma that still remains, black cats are less likely to be adopted compared to other cats – this applies to any black-coated animal, actually.

To add insult to injury, the RSPCA has reported black cats were more likely to be abandoned because they don’t look photogenic in selfies; this is how shallow our society has become.¬†Shelters in the US and Canada are doing their part to encourage more black cat adoptions. Each year, on Black Friday, they waive fees for anyone who adopts a black cat.

There are just as many positive superstitions associated with black cats as there is negative. So, this year, forget midnight shopping and save a life instead.



Clare Clarity



Crispy Lennox


Tim Tavaria


Ginger Tom


Jessica Channer





Well, it wouldn’t nearly be Halloween without at least one creepy black cat tattoo.



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