Black and Grey Realism Tattoos by JP Alfonso



This Atlanta-based artist puts other black and grey tattoo artists to shame.

Much of JP Alfonso’s tattoos focus on death, which is quite fitting for the black and grey realism style. Nothing is quite as confronting as a skull tattoo – the reminder of death is also a reminder to make every day count.

Blank space and exposed skin is essential in such dark black and grey pieces, and Alfonso has mastered it. Packing in the black in the background means the foreground imagery is all the more dynamic.

The difference between good black and grey and bad black and grey is huge. Check out JP Alfonso’s work and see what a truly talented tattoo artist can do.


Extinguished candle

Skull and candle

Wolf, bear and skull chest piece

Day of the Dead

Skull and rose


Eye and clock


Day of the Dead girl

Skull and clock

Skull and flowers

Lighthouse and stormy seas


Originally published August 2016 for Tattoodo –