Ben O’Carroll’s Killer Custom Lettering Tattoos


Even letters and words can be turned into works of art.

A word or a quote tattoo can look quite ordinary, but not when you get a custom piece from Ben O’Carroll.

Working out of Panther Crew Electric Tattooing in Wolverhampton, UK, O’Carroll turns words into pieces of black and grey art. No matter if he combines typefaces or sticks with just one, he has a way of adding decorative elements to create unique and dynamic tattoos. If you’re a typography fiend, you’ll love these lettering tattoos by Ben O’Carroll.


Stay gold

Out of darkness cometh light


Vinte e Dois

Labor Omnia Vincit


No rest for the wicked


I Am Mine


Friends – Family – Faith

Bruce Lee quote


Originally published September 2016 for Tattoodo –


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