Be Transported To The Tropics With These Tropical Tattoos


With Summer soon coming to end in the Southern Hemisphere, most people will feel a twinge of sadness that, with a change of seasons, the weather will soon be cooling down. Some people are lucky enough to live in the tropics or sub-tropical areas all year round, while others suffer through blizzards every Winter. There’s not always the time or money to take a holiday escape to the tropics, but you could bring a piece of the tropics to you…with a tattoo.

The natural beauty of a tropical environment is reflected with many species of flowers, fruits, and animals – all of which you’ll find below in all their tattoo glory.


Color realism tiger tattoo by Pepa Heller.

Blackwork tattoo by @suflanda.

Cute tapir tattoo by Aimee Bray.

Color realism sloth tattoo by Benjamin Laukis.

Sloth and hibiscus tattoo by Crispy Lennox.

Sketch watercolor orchids by Jono Tattoos.

New school pineapple rubber duck tattoo by Steven Compton.

Pineapple, peach and kiwi tattoos by Ville Maki.

Blackwork palm tree tattoo by Klaudia Holda.

Color realism orchids by James Artink.

Fruity orangutan tattoo by Mark Walker.

Ocelot peeking out from behind some chrysanthemum flowers. Tattoo by Yogi Barrett.

Mangosteen tattoo by Jina Tattooer.

Lime slice tattoo by Christine Horvei.

Neo traditional leopard by Isis Mayan.

Illustrative brushstroke tattoo by Lucas Carvalho Moraes.

Lemur enjoying some fruit. Tattoo by Ashley Luka.

Lemon tattoo by Hannah Eaton.

Black and grey jaguar by Tye Harris.

Iguana tattoo by Shio Zaragoza.

Hawaiian themed half sleeve by Joshua Stewart.

Guava tattoo by Saul Vargas.

Tropical fruit leopard tattoo by Clare Clarity.

Fruit cocktail by Hollie West.

Double exposure feather and hibiscus flower tattoo by Andrey Lukonikov.

Dragon fruit and pear tattoos by Eka Lelong.

Painterly realism orange tattoo by Robert Florek.

Coconut tattoo by @michelle_tattooer.

Floral chameleon piece by Katya Kabum.

Neo traditional chameleon by Cree McCahill.

Relaxing beach scene tattoo by Jenn Matthews.

Beachy heart tattoo by Olimpia Quartieri.

Cute neo trad beach scene by Clare Clarity.

Mango and avocado tattoo by @davi_tattoos.

Illustrative avocado tattoo by Mara Koekoek.

Neo trad anteater tattoo by Aimee Bray.

Abstract banana tattoo by Aaron Is.

Watercolor violet by LaVale TatYou.

Double exposure tropical pineapple scene tattoo.

Traditional style orange and flower tattoo by Nelson Dinsdale Young.

Realistic tiger and lotus by Andrew Smith


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