Be Transported To Neverland With These Peter Pan Tattoos

There’s just six days until the House of Hardcore – Australia Tour kicks off in Brisbane. If you’re attending one of the shows on the tour, I have just one piece of advice for you: don’t turn up wearing a Peter Pan costume. Here’s why:


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You probably came here for the Peter Pan tattoos, so enough of the wrestling chat.



Peter Pan happens to be another Disney movie that I’ve yet to watch – I’ve only read the Disney book adaptation of the movie.

Like with most (if not all) of the Disney movies, Peter Pan characters make for a popular tattoo choice. In fact, there are five thousand photos in the #peterpantattoos tag on Instagram. These are not all of Peter Pan himself, but other characters such as Wendy, Captain Hook and Tinkerbell. But, today it’s all about Peter – the boy who never wanted to grow up.

You may share Peter Pan’s wish to never grow up, however you’ll have to in order to be able to get your very own Peter Pan tattoo.


Artist unknown





Artist unknown





Artist unknown




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