Baby Animal Tattoos That Will Make Your Ovaries Explode


When I’m feeling down, nothing brightens my mood like watching cute baby animal videos on YouTube or looking at photos of animal tattoos. I’ve combined these two activities and collected a bunch of baby animal tattoos that are┬ásure to elicit some oohs and aahs. And, if you’re more of an animal lover than a people person, these absolutely adorable tattoos might just make your ovaries explode – you have been forewarned.


Baby hippo by Leanne Fate

Watercolour orangutan by Joanne Baker

Piglet tattoo by Aimee Bray

Sleepy baby rats by Aimee Bray

Duckling in a tea cup by Kitty Dearest

Baby deer by Lee Sheehan

Watercolour baby elephant by Joanne Baker

Sleeping baby otter by Aimee Bray

Twin bear cubs by Aimee Bray

Black and grey realism golden retriever puppy by Todd Bailey

Cute blue baby bunny by Kitty Dearest

Chihuahua pup by Aimee Bray

Dad and baby otter tattoo by Josh Smith

Fawn tattoo by Aimee Bray

Mother and baby cheetah by Mike Crump

Bear cubs by Charlotte Timmons

Baby gorilla tattoo by Torsten Malm (work in progress)

Baby bat tattoo by Cheyenne Gauthier

Mum and baby zebras by Clare Lambert

Mother and baby chicken by Tan Van Den Broek

Duckling tattoo by Aimee Bray

Kitten tattoo by Miryam Lumpini

Duckling in a tea cup by Kitty Dearest

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