Australian State + Territory Fauna Emblems As Tattoos

After publishing various animal and floral posts for the blog, I noticed that many of those that I featured were declared the state or national animal/flower in places around the world – none of them were ever Australia. I’ll admit that I’m not the most patriotic person, but this peaked my interest which then inspired this post.

It’s common knowledge that the kangaroo and emu are part of the Commonwealth of Australia’s coat of arms, but the Australian state and territory fauna emblems are rarely mentioned. Other than doing one project in primary school (that I barely remember anything about), I couldn’t tell you what the fauna emblem is for my home state of Victoria. Do you know yours?

Not only does each state have a designated mammal, but a bird emblem, too. Through my research I learnt about some new species that I had never heard of, despite my almost three decades of living in this country.

Come on this little Australian tattoo safari with me. Keep scrolling for some lovely animal themed tattoos and to learn more about Australia’s native wildlife.


South Australia

Southern hairy-nosed wombat


Piping shrike (unofficial)

According to this ABC News article, despite the piping shrike being the unofficial bird emblem of South Australia, and featuring on the state’s flag, the bird itself does not exist. The bird image on the flag is said to be a stylised representation of an Australian magpie – a bird which actually exists.



Western Australia



Black swan

Jasmin Austin


Northern Territory

Red kangaroo

Kaelin Chee

Wedge-tailed eagle





Dan Pemble

Brolga (Australian crane)

Jay Van Gerven


New South Wales


Todd Bailey





Leadbeater’s possum


Helmeted honeyeater

This image may not feature a tattoo of the helmeted honeyeater, but it is a work of art.

It’s not a tattoo, but it is one incredible mural.



Tasmanian devil

Esther DeMiguel

Yellow wattlebird (unoffical)

This is only the second animal that I could not find a tattoo for; they both happened to be birds. If I’m being honest, the yellow wattlebird isn’t exactly the prettiest of birds in comparison to other more tropical species. This combined with the fact that the yellow wattlebird is only considered the unofficial state bird of Tasmania (the state with the smallest population) makes it no surprise that no such tattoos of this bird exist.

Where’s the tattoo love for the yellow wattlebird?


Australian Capital Territory

While the ACT has no official animal emblem, it does have a bird emblem: the gang-gang cockatoo.



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If you’d like to learn more about these animals, have a read of this article from Australian Geographic: