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So far with this series I’ve focused on a single species of animal for each post, and while what I have for you today is still an animal, I’ve chosen to pick one specific breed of dog: the pug.

As soon as I began researching I got a bit of a shock. It’s only in the last couple of weeks, but people have taken it upon themselves to post photos and videos of pugs in the #pugtattoo tag on Instagram. Yeah, your dog is cute but it doesn’t belong there. People are doing this simply to gain more likes, but I just find it irritating.

Once you get past them, though, it’s lovely to see just how many good pug tattoos there are in the world. I’ve done 20+ dog posts on the blog, but for many of those I struggled to find even 10 decent tattoos; this is not the case when it comes to pugs.



There’s 10,000 images in the tag, and while I don’t know exactly how many of those I viewed, I went back 30 weeks. For the first 16 or so weeks I was impressed again and again, however the quality suddenly began to dimish as I went any further. This is not unique to just pug tattoos – I’veĀ found this to be the case with any sort of themed tattoo you’re searching for. It’s disappointing, although positive in a way because it means the tattoos being done right now are getting better and better; a huge plus for tattoo collectors.



The history of the pug is not well documented, however it’s believed that the breed dates back to the Ming dynasty in China.

Chug (Pug x Chihuahua) by Abbie Williams

The pug’s royal roots date back to the time of Chinese Emperors who highly valued the animal.

Pugs were transported from China in the 16th century and introduced to Europe, in particular the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Queen Victoria had a love of pugs which she shared with the royal family, however the current British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II is more fond of corgis, in addition to cocker spaniels and dorgis (dachshund-corgi crossbreeds).

When the breed became popular in other countries, they were used for tracking animals and people by the military, and even became guard dogs.

It’s said that a pug named Pompey alerted the Prince of Orange to approaching assassins, thus saving his life.


In Italy you could find a pug dressed in a jacket and pantaloons, matching that of a coachman, as they rode up front of private horse-drawn carriages.


A pug named Trump features in the self-portrait of English painter William Hogarth, and hangs in London’s Tate Gallery.


Queen Victoria favoured apricot and fawn coloured pugs, but it was Lady Brassey who made black pugs fashionable.

Pugs were also referred to as Dutch mastiffs during the 18th century.


Pugs didn’t make their way to the United States until late in the 19th century.


In 1931 The Pug Dog Club of America was founded.


A grumble is the term used to describe a group of pugs.

Pug and Labrador unicorns by @dirty_rasel

Pugs are the ultimate companion dog as they’ll often follow their owner around which has led to them being referred to as “shadows”.


In 2008 the BBC produced a documentary in which it was discovered that pugs are so inbred in the UK that the DNA of 10,000 of the dogs could be traced back to just 50 individuals.


Pugs have an average lifespan of 11 years – or 77 in dog years.


They may be little but pugs have big personalities and love to play.

PUG LIFE by @mindy_fach_tattoo

Pugs have a broad but short face which results in a smooshed face – I like to believe it’s from too many cuddles.


You’ll often hear pugs make snorting sounds because of their elongated palates – this is also referred to as reverse sneezing.


Pugs can suffer from a range of conditions including hip dysplasia, obesity, and eye prolapses.


PewDiePie, the most followed person on YouTube, owns two pugs: Edgar and Maya.


Pugs have a distinctive curled tail – they just love to show their butthole to the world!


Apparently there’s a Freemasons Lodge called the Order of the Pug. I have to wonder if this is the one my old neighbour used to attend.

Rachel Attrill

A dog named Cheeeka, who appeared in advertisements for Vodafone in India, sent the popularity and price for the breed skyrocketing.


Pugs sleep up to 14 hours per day – that’s the life!



if you want to see some more puggy love, ive compiled some more tattoos here, since some artists featured have done mutiple pug tattoos


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