[Animal Facts + Tatts] Deer

For some context, when I’m searching for tattoos for a themed post like ones for this animal facts + tatts series, I like to look at as many of the tattoos as possible. Some themes only have a couple of hundred images on their related hashtag, some have less than a hundred, and others will have a few thousand. When it came to today’s animal, the deer, I was met with the #deertattoo hashtag which boasts photos in excess of 60,000 – talk about a popular animal!

Don’t be disparaged or turned off from the idea of getting your own deer tattoo, though. No matter the meaning of the tattoo, or the reason behind wanting a deer tattoo, go for it. One thing I believe in is the importance of seeing what’s already out there – not just for inspiration, but to avoid having a piece identical to hundreds or thousands of other people. I’m not pointing fingers, but if I have to see another geometric deer tattoo I might just scream!

I always endeavour to view every tattoo in a hashtag, or at the very least I’ll scroll through up to 3000 images. For other similarly popular hashtags I scroll back 12 to 18 months; I’ve noticed that often if you go back any further the photos and the actual tattoos are of a poorer quality.



With the deer tattoos I managed to get back to December 1st, 2017 before I gave up – there were just hundreds of very similar tattoos. In the past month alone (December 16 – January 16) there were roughly 1600 images posted to the #deertattoo tag on Instagram, of which around 90% were actually of deer tattoos.

At this rate it will soon be impossible to navigate this tag unless Instagram implements some kind of date range search function. But, not to worry, this is something which you don’t need to concern yourself with, because I’ve selected 20 of the best deer tattoos for you.

One final note, if you plan on browsing the #deertattoo tag yourself then be warned – some disgusting people have taken to using the hashtag to show photos of the deers they’ve hunted and killed. There’s not many of these images, but it’s still shocking to see, especially if you’re an animal lover. Disclaimers aside, let’s check out some cute deer tattoos and learn more about this animal…


Deer have appeared in Paleolithic cave paintings, and gone on to feature prominently in mythology and literature.


Deer belong to the family Cervidae, along with animals such as elk, reindeer and moose.


Like sheep and fish, the word deer is both a singular and plural noun.


The name Oscar is derived from two elements in the Irish Language (Gaelic) which translate to “deer” and “friend”.


Antarctica and Australia are the only continents without native deer populations.


Deer were eventually introduced in Australia and New Zealand during the 19th century, and are now home to several species.


Asia is the continent with the most species of deer.


The one exception to the rule that all male deer have antlers is the Chinese water deer which actually have tusk-like canine teeth.


Calcium and phosphorus are essential to support the growth of antlers.


Like cows, deer are cud-chewers and their four chambered stomachs allow for fermentation of their food which enables them to acquire nutrients beneficial for their survival.


A male deer is a buck, a female is a doe, and a baby deer is a fawn.


There are even more specific terms for deer, with stag referring only to male red deer; and then with larger deer species, the males and females take on bovine terms and are called bulls and cows.


While newborn deer will take their first steps within 20 minutes of their birth, they’re generally not strong enough to walk until a week later.

Aimee Bray

Deer appear on the coat of arms of various cities throughout Germany, England, Russia, Norway, and Sweden, just to name a few.

Tim Tavaria

As much as deer hunting disgusts me, it’s an activity which has been popular since the Middle Ages.

Karl Marks

In C. S. Lewis’s novel The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, the White Stag is said to grant wishes.

Miss Kimberley

Deer are mentioned in the Bible and Rigveda (a sacred text in Hinduism).

Tom Wagstaff

Up to 1.5 million deer collide with cars in the US each year.


In Old English and Middle English the meaning of the word deer was far broader and actually referred to any wild animal.

Lauren Jayne Gow

The South American Pudu is the smallest species of deer in the world.

Keith Lin