All About Death: Traditional Tattoos by Angelo Parente


Don’t fear death – celebrate it with a tattoo!

While some people get tattoos to memorialize people they’ve lost, others celebrate death with humorous tattoos. If you choose the latter, then head to Black Casket Tattoo in Dickson City, Pennsylvania and get tattooed by Angelo Parente.

The traditional style to these tattoos acts as a subtle distraction from the death theme. They’re a perfect combination of theme and style if you’re not a fan of full-on dark realism tattoos.

If you have a dark heart, you’ll love these tattoos by Angelo Parente.


Freddy’s glove

Coffin crying bloody tears


Ghost Reaper


Coffin and rose

Skeleton boy

Beheaded twin


Coffin and banner

Mummy Skeleton


Originally posted August 2016 for Tattoodo –