Alex Wright’s Classic Horror Movie VHS Cover Art + Movie Poster Tattoos

Working out of Grindhouse Tattoo Productions in the UK, Alex Wright is a master of realism tattoos – I’m sure many of you are familiar with his work.

I’ve featured Alex’s tattoos in several posts on the blog:

but today it’s all about Alex.

His online portfolio consists of portraits, animals, and horror movie villians, of course. While Alex does the occasional black and grey piece, he’s generally all about the colour realism.

While all of his tattoos are impressive, it’s Alex’s VHS cover art and movie poster tattoos that I love the most. It’s the feeling of nostalgia, the memory of visiting video stores, and my love for horror movies (both classic and obscure) wrapped up into its own tattoo genre. Alex’s tattoos remind us all just how creative movie studios and artists were to provide that glimpse into the terror you’re about to experience when watching the movie. The fact that he can recreate these images onto skin is just as mind-blowing.

Once you’ve finished checking out the incredible tattoos below, be sure to give Alex a follow on Instagram @thealexwright.



Spit On Your Grave

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Beyond

The Bride Of Frankenstein

The Driller Killer

The Evil Dead

The Fly

The Running Man

The Thing

They Live

A Nightmare On Elm Street

Basket Case

Dawn Of The Dead


Demons 2

Drive-In Massacre

Friday The 13th: Part V

Ichi The Killer

Pet Sematary


Whenever I read Alex’s name, all I can think about is this intro by the wrestler, Alex Wright on the WCW Nitro video game.

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