Ace Animal Tattoos by Apprentice Tattoo Artist Aimee Bray


Don’t let Aimee Bray’s apprentice status fool you – her work is top quality.

Neo traditional animal tattoos are my thing. No matter the species of animal, there’s nothing I don’t love about them. And if they’re baby animals – even better. Aimee Bray’s work includes a myriad of animals, both full grown and pint-sized for you to gush all over.

This tattoo apprentice is learning and perfecting her craft at Urban Ink in St. Helens, UK. Bray’s Instagram feed is just one beautifully adorable animal tattoo after another. The shading and linework in her tattoos brings the animals to life on the skin and makes your heart melt that little bit more.

If Aimee Bray’s work is this impressive as an apprentice, she is sure to have a very long and successful career in the tattoo industry.



Bear cubs




Bunny and flowers

Rat and flowers

Sleeping fox

Rat babies



Beluga in a teacup




Red panda

Chihuahua pup


Originally published December 2016 for Tattoodo –

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