8 Darling Dalmatian Tattoos


Just like dalmatians aren’t born with their spots, we’re not born with our tattoos, and we all wouldn’t feel ourselves without our markings.

Dalmatians orginated in Croatia, and the breed received its named from Dalmatia where they were used to guard the borders during times of war. Dalmatians are also known for their compatibility with horses which led them to becoming firehouse dogs in the US, back in the day of horse-draw fire carts. They would help clear a path and guides the horses to the fires.

Despite their history, the dalmatian dog breed is probably most known for the Disney movie 101 Dalmatians. A word of warning: if you get a dalmatian tattoo, steer clear of Cruella de Vil – we can’t be held responsible for what she may do to you, or your tattoo!


Savannah Brayton

Shannon Carruth

Ados Granados

Eric Moreno

Clare Clarity

Tom Lennert

Zsolt Mihaly

Karl Marks



Originally published October 2016 for Tattoodo – https://www.tattoodo.com/a/2016/10/8-darling-dalmatian-tattoos/

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