7 Wonderful Waratah Flower Tattoos


Forget wattle, waratahs are the next Australian native floral trend in tattooing.

Australia is a country known for its wide array of flora and fauna. The golden wattle is Australia’s national flower, featured on the Coat of Arms, and inspired the country’s national colors of green and gold. Now it’s time for another native Australian plant to receive some love.

There are five species of waratah found in three Australian states: Victoria, Tasmania, and New South Wales where it is their state floral emblem. The plant received its name from the Eora Aboriginal people who originally inhabited the land which is now known as Sydney.

The waratah produces unusual looking, bright red flowers, which actually look somewhat similar to the chrysanthemum. With how popular chrysanthemums are in tattooing, the waratah could be the next big thing!


Ben Doukakis

Cree McCahill

Ellie Thompson


Megan Oliver

Clare Keton

Ellie Thompson


Originally published November 2016 for Tattoodo – https://www.tattoodo.com/a/2016/11/7-wonderful-waratah-flower-tattoos/

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