34 Noble + Cunning Fox Tattoos

Viewed as a pest in many parts of the world or killed in the name of fashion, the fox is shown much more love and respect in the tattoo world.

The fox appears in folklore in Western and Asian culture. Known for their cunning ability to evade hunters, this trait has crossed over into these stories. In Chinese (Japanese and Korean, too) mythology foxes are depicted as having magical powers which can bring wonder and be a good omen.

If you’ve ever seen some of the cute fox videos online, you’ll quickly fall in love with these beautiful, mischievous creatures. They just want some love, and they’ve found it in these tattoos.

A fox tattoo might just bring you the good fortune you desire…



Morgan Alynn

Ebony Mellowship

Clare Lambert

Emma Davidson

Horny Pony

Lucy O’Connell

Emma Davidson

Aga Yadou

Artur Nakolet

Marie Cox

Clare Clarity

Damian Thur

Alex Harris

Diletta Lembo

Ben Thomas

Kate Holt

Karl Marks

Emily Rose Murray

Matt Jordan


Smel Wink

Sam Clark

Wendy Pham

Emily Rose Murray

Tim Lemper

Tim Tavaria

Tom Wagstaff

Cheyenne Gauthier

Sarah Herzdame

Damian Thur

Kat Abdy

Charlotte Timmons

Tim Tavaria

Aimee Bray

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