27 Wolf Tattoos That Will Have You Howling At The Moon


A wolf tattoo can be symbolic for a variety of reasons. In certain cultures wolves are a symbol of guardianship, ritual, loyalty, and spirit. The wolf-human connection is the ability to trust intuition and have control of ones destiny. And, despite being such strong individuals, wolves are fiercely loyal to those closest. These are all great traits to have in order to create a loving and happy life, and strong relationships with others.

But, what if you just love wolves? Can you and should you get a wolf tattoo?

I don’t believe that all tattoos need to hold any meaning or deep significance. If you like something enough to get it tattooed on you, then go for it! The one concession is that you should do your research – draw inspiration from other tattoos (but don’t flat-out copy them), discover a certain tattoo style you prefer, and then find the tattoo artist who can produce a brilliant tattoo that exceeds all expectations and that you’ll love forever.

The process of getting a tattoo isn’t exactly a howling good time, but the end result is always well worth it, especially if you walk away with a piece as impressive as one of these 27 wolf tattoos.


Tulio Navia

David Spencer

Rachi Brains

Torsten Malm

Tim Tavaria

Ben Thomas

Clark Seiger

Matt Mrowka

Joh Kuhne

Jean Le Roux

Kat Abdy

Karl Marks

Florencia Gonzalez Tizon

Florencia Gonzalez Tizon

Beau Parkman

Beynur Kaptan

Riccardo Bottino

Orbis Lopez

Clare Lambert

Analisbet Luna Fegan

Danielle Merricks

Clare Lambert

Billy Raike

Lucas Edwardo

Nathan Evans

Emily Rose Murray

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