25 Predator Tattoos You Won’t Want To Camouflage


The movie Predator, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. The film was released in the US June of 1987, but it wasn’t until August 20 of that same year that Australians were exposed to this dangerous extraterrestrial creature.


Full of action, suspense, skinned bodies and classic Arnie one-liners, Predator has cemented itself as an iconic film in the science-fiction, action, and horror genres. In the past three decades it has spawned a further four movies – two of them where the Predators battles the Xenomorphs.


With movies we generally cheer for the humans to be triumphant however, when it comes to tattoos, it seems most people are compelled to ink their bodies with movie villains – Predator being one of them. Not all tattoos are pretty, and these Predator pieces are proof of this. Don’t get me wrong, these are brilliantly executed tattoos but as Dutch (Schwarzenegger) would say these creatures are ugly motherfuckers .


Keep scrolling to discover the artists behind these 25 Predator themed tattoos.





























Originally published July 25, 2017 – http://inkedaustralia.com/2017/07/25/25-predator-tattoos/