20 Ridiculously Cute Rat Tattoos


During my time with Tattoodo, I lost count of how many animal themed tattoo posts I managed to get published. I’d just think of any animal and scroll through Instagram to find the best tattoos of that animal. I’ve always imagined myself getting a menagerie of animals tattooed on my body, so I was basically getting paid to do research for my own future tattoos.

Anyway, I’ve been binge-watching videos on Kiera Rose’s YouTube channel, and her adorable rats and her very own rat tattoo inspired me to check out just how common rat tattoos are. Rats happened to be one animal which I never got around to dedicating an entire post to on Tattoodo, although a rat tattoo did feature in my piece on the work of Aimee Bray.

Currently, there are almost 8000 images tagged #rattattoo on Instagram, although not all of them actually related to rat tattoos because, for some reason, some people can’t help but use unrelated hashtags for their images. That’s quite a significant number of tattoos for one animal, especially in comparison to the likes of giraffes, zebras, and kangaroos – all of which appear to be a less popular choice and are much more difficult to find quality tattoos of.

To this day there are still negative connotations when it comes to rats which is reflected in many of the tattoos I saw, particularly within the traditional style. For this post I’ve gone the cute route, selecting pieces representing the love people have for their pet rats, with a few slightly ridiculous pieces thrown in just for the hell of it.

As with tattooed people, there are many misconceptions when it comes to rats. But, one thing’s for sure, these tattoos are not only well executed but they’re ridiculously cute! Keep scrolling for more…


Lil rat cutie by @samilocke

Gypsy/Fortune teller rat by @tattoosbyalisha

Neo trad rat tattoo by @alex_anvil

New school samurai rat by @amirhusky

Abstract watercolour rat tattoo by @ewasrokatattoo

Blueberry the rat by @dollchops

New school artistic rat by @jimmygomeztattoos

Sleeping baby rats by @charleedarwintattoo

Pet rats tattooed by @rickandvinegar

Rat as part of an animal and fruit sleeve by @nastiatattoo

Cute lil rat head by @luniechan

Rat and peonies by @marielleroyseth_art

Ratatouille piece by Lehel Chaos

Rat babies by Aimee Bray

Rat and flowers by Aimee Bray

Hungry rat chowing down by @shaunflinn

Rat and its fave treats by @sharkyjones

Flowers, tea cup and rat tattoo by @abbiepriceart

Rat heart tattoo by @mwanhala

Rat tattoo by @allday_jina



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