20 Rambunctious Raccoon Tattoos


As the world continues its descent to the pits of hell, a distraction is needed. I’m currently running on little sleep, worried as my parents are currently on their way to Las Vegas. Anything to keep my mind busy right now is somewhat of a good thing.

Take a look at these adorable critters in tattoo form and forget about your worries even for just a short while. But first, let’s learn a little more about raccoons.

They may have the markings of a furry burglar and often be referred to as trash pandas but raccoons can be sweet and mischievous animals if YouTube videos are anything to go by.

The raccoon was originally native to North America, but can be found in Europe and Japan due to their introduction there decades ago. They feature in mythologies of people indigenous to the Americas.

Raccoons are nocturnal and generally found out hunting for food at night. Whether it be rummaging through garbage cans or searching for actual food like plants, shellfish, insects and amphibians, they’ll eat pretty much anything, so the term “trash panda” is quite fitting.

With these 20 tattoos, the styles vary greatly, from realistic renderings to pieces with humour. Take your pick: which tattoo would you choose?



Beynur Kaptan

Jamie Mahood

Tim Tavaria













Lehel Chaos

Nicklas Wong

Damian Thur

Morgan Alynn

Klaudia Holda



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