15 Tattoos For National Pig Day


Since 1972, March 1st has been known as National Pig Day – an event to celebrate¬†“…one of man’s most intellectual and domesticated animals.”

Pigs still might not have grown wings and the ability to fly, but they are becoming a popular animal choice in tattooing. When searching the #pigtattoo tag on Instagram you’ll find a mish-mash of terrible pig tattoos, flying pigs, pig and bacon references, and some rather questionable pig/police tattoos. I’ve avoided all these and opted to put together a collection of pig tattoos from a range of styles for your viewing pleasure.

Keep scrolling and enjoy!


Aimee Bray

Georgia Grey

Camille Gualtieri

Travis Costello

Mandy Herzdame


Alle Aliosha

Emma Cranston


Michela Bottin

Samantha Pixie Robson

Steven Compton

Aimee Bray

Sadee Glover

Julia Szewczykowska

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