Shake Off The Hate With These 15 Snow Globe Tattoos


While it may seem tattoos are accepted in society (given that 1 in 5 people have a tattoo) there’s still definitely lingering hate coming from family, employers, and complete strangers. What these people will never understand is just how deep our love is for this art form.

Today we’re shaking off the tattoo hate with some snow globe tattoos.

Don’t feel constrained to a Winter or Christmas theme with your snow globe piece because even real snow globes don’t follow the rules. Select another holiday, a memory, a movie, or a location for your own snow globe – let your imagination run wild.

You can’t shake and tip these tattoos upside down but these snow globe tattoos will give you the same feels, so get scrolling!














Cheyenne Gauthier

Jackie Huertas

Kurios Eugenios